Award Winning Seattle Common Operating Picture

The Seattle Police Department is Geneva's newest customer. The Common Operating Picture (COP) system brings together emergency response and resource information from police, fire, public utilities and transportation systems to provide Seattle Police Department and Seattle Fire Department personnel with a real-time, integrated view of incidents and resources - for the first time!

Seattle's COP system received the Government Security News 2012 award for Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program.

Real-time Incident and Resource Information

Geneva Systems Group Inc. has partnered with 4QTRS LLC to provide an up-to-the-minute GIS-centric view of situations and resources for command staff, incident commanders, EOC personnel and others. Geneva provides the integration and 4QTRS provides the situational awareness UI:

Seattle Police Department (SPD) provides active and queued incidents, along with unit data, including unit locations, from their Versaterm CAD system and their AVL system via an Oracle staging database.

Seattle Fire Department (SFD) contributes active incidents and unit data, including unit locations, from their TriTech database via a replicated SQL Server database.

Unit data from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) includes both water and wastewater and drainage units, along with their locations, brought to the COP system using Web Services.

From Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) comes road work and closure information, both current and scheduled, via SDOT's Travellers system's Web Services.